Andrea van Reimersdahl experiments with the relationship between body, silhouette, space and identity. She understands painting as images in motion and uses the body as an actor to integrate female identity into painting. Her inspiration comes from stage and costume design, film and fashion.

Growing up on the German-Dutch border, as a region with traditional textile manufacturing, she combines classical painting techniques with processing techniques from the garment industry, such as applications, rough cuts, and textile printing.

Van Reimersdahl presents her paintings three- or two-dimensionally, in digital animations, in kinetic installations or performances. The focus of her question in painting lies in the abstraction of body shapes through color, textures and pattern.

In 2004 she received her master's degree in painting with Prof. Katharina Grosse at the Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin. Adopting the idea of a wearable painting on the human body, she founded the fashion label van reimersdahl berlin. Since 2014, art institutions such as Galerie Ursula Walter in Dresden, Saasfee*Pavillon in Frankfurt a. M. and Künstlerforum Bonn have exhibited her work. She was awarded project fundings and prizes by the Hans and Charlotte Krull Foundation, the Hessian Ministry of Culture, and the Reclaim Award, among others. In her artistic career, she has collaborated with designers and architects on numerous international projects.