Andrea van Reimersdahl
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lives and workes in Berlin
Since 2014

Realisation of free artistic works with exhibition activity in the field of installation with flowing transitions to performance, print graphics, painting and drawing in an interdisciplinary working method.
The intention of my artistic expression is to blurr boundaries between line, surface, space and body with the aim of questioning categorical thinking.
In our times of increasingly sharp contrasts in society, I focus on the abstract overlapping of contrasts in material and content in order to explore border areas and create mix forms.


Free artistic work at the border between art and commerce under the own concept-art-model label "van reimersdahl berlin". The label was founded in 2002 for the diploma project "That´s glamorous now" and brought together various media of artistic expression. I understand pictorial representations (drawing and painting) as a dependent, flexible form of communication. Screen, canvas, paper, glass, textile, body or space can be image carriers.

Free working with fabrics, cuts and material collages combined with colour application by brush or screen printing on T-shirts led to a sequence of chain reactions up to the creation of unique pieces, editions or collections with international sales in selected boutiques, museum shops and presentations in fashion shows, performances, exhibitions, fairs and in my own shop-studio.
*HIDDEN & BAD#2 | CROSS_OVER_SHOW curated by Zuzanna Skiba
3-7h Vernissage
TO PUT ON PAPER, open studio, eingeladen von Katja Pudor, Rungestrasse 20, D-10179 Berlin
02-14. June 2019 - open Tue-Fr 3-7h
20.09 -27.09.2019
Nachtspeicher e.V, Hamburg
Oktober 2019
Künstlerforum Bonn with Karwath Todisko and more
  • 2004
    MFA Painting, Prof. Katharina Grosse,
    Berlin Weissensee School of Art
  • 2002
    Diploma, Painting, Prof. Hans Schimanski,
    Berlin Weissensee School of Art
  • 2000
    Painting, Royal College of Art, London
  • 1997
    Fine Art, Painting,
    Berlin Weißensee School of Art
  • 1995
    Object Design, Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences
  • 1995
    Apprenticeship as carpenter